Monster Legends Wiki: The Dungeons

Mentor Pandalf

The Dungeons is a new quest available on mobile version. It is released on 21/03/2014 along with Monster Legends Mobile version 1.4. In this guide, you should find anything relate to The Dungeons.

(News 09/05/2014) A new building - Dungeons has been placed on Facebook platform. This means Dungeons will soon be available for Facebook version too!
But then the building has been removed from the Facebook platform. No news about this building on Facebook since then.

In your island, tap on the icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen: .

There are 3 modes for you to choose: PVP (Monster Arena), The Dungeons, Adventure Map.

Choosing a mode: PvP, Adventure Map or The Dungeons This is where you choose your mode. Click on "DUNGEONS" to access The Dungeons.

Information of The Dungeons

Stamina Require: 1 x Stamina, so it should take you about 10 minutes to regenerate, if you're out of stamina.

Difficulty: More difficult than challenge battles. Difficulty increases everytime you complete.

Rewards: Increasing, based on how many times you've completed. The more you complete, the bigger the rewards will be. As always, you will also have a chance to spin the roulette and win amazing bonus rewards. (See more at Reward section)

    Game Rules:
  • You must survive 3 waves in order to win the battle.
  • On new wave, if a monster is alive, its life and energy and skill cooldown are restored as start.
  • Everytime you complete a battle, if you play it again you will have bigger rewards, but also more difficulty.

Battles: There are new battles for you every week, each battle has a specific groups of monsters for each wave. The image of monsters in the picture should indicate some of monsters you will be fighting against.

Current Dungeons in Game

Sorry, there is no dungeon at the moment. Please check back later!