Game News 9th-feb-2018: HATCHING BOOST!


During this event, your hatching will be 50% faster, so take this opportunity to hatch your eggs! You'll need your Hatchery empty for an event starting very soon!

HATCHING BOOST! During this event, your hatching will be 50% faster!


Get ready for an upcoming breeding event! This time you'll have the option of breeding tons of monsters, so check out the monster Legends Community Facebook page to see which ones you want to go for! During the event, some of the necessary monsters for the combinations will be available in a Combo Pack. Stay tuned!

HINT, HINT! Make sure you have these monsters by the time an upcoming event starts!



Yamada evades enemies’ attacks and heals his allies, just like a miracle. His area Regeneration skill allows the team to keep going! However, if what they need is a shot of immediate energy, Yamada can Double Heal the team and apply Damage Boost to them, hurting enemies at the same time!

MEET YAMADA! Remember you can get Yamada at the Yamada Event!

Yamada Premier Monster - Monster Legends


Monsterwood is bursting with Bonnie Bark Cells! You can get enough Cells to craft her or even rank her up! Get your Lab ready and go watch videos to get Cells! Remember, you'll be shown a bunch of videos every few hours.

BONNIE BARK CELLS AT MONSTERWOOD! Monsterwood is giving out Cells during this event!


Access the Yamada Event through the icon on the right side of your screen! There you'll be able to get the new Premiere Monster: Yamada. If you can't see it, make sure you get 5 Love Scrolls to unlock the event: You're still in time! If you couldn't get them in the Dungeons and Timed Challenges, you can still get them in a special Combo Pack.

YAMADA AVAILABLE NOW Go get the new Premiere Monster: Yamada!

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