Game News 04/06/2015: Monster Legends mobile app updated on iOS & Android

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Monster Legends mobile update 04/06/2015

What's New in Version 2.3

There’s a whole lot of new stuff for you, monster lovers, so let’s go straight to the point!
- We’ve raised the user maximum level up to 75! Become the master of masters.
- Discover two new breeding recipes: Nebotus (Legendary) and Dragonian Beast (Epic).
- New powerful runes, even level 10 ones! Choose the combination, craft, wait for the rune to be ready and equip your monster with it! Another way to get them is in the new Rune Dungeon.
- Choose your currency at the store: Not patient enough to wait until all the Gold you need is ready? Now you can also use Gems to pay for things you needed Gold for in the store. Your choice!
- New support system: Having a problem? Interact with customer support without exiting the game.
- No more breeding points! By popular demand, you won’t need that currency anymore. Use Gold to activate the Guardians’ powers.
- Enjoy a better user experience with some technical improvements and bug fixes.

[!] You should update/install the new version in order to unlock & play upcoming features mentioned above.

New "Wild Island" in adventure map, 10 more quest nodes (161 - 170)

For full detail, visit Adventure Guide.

Sneak peak of "Nature Island"!

Nature Island

Stay tuned! We will update more about official Nature Island. In the meantime, tell us your ideas about this event!

Visit our Nature Island page here: /nature-island/.

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