Game News 29th-nov-2017: INGENICA'S MYTH - PART 3


Hurry up! The race is coming to an end, so sprint through the track if you and your teammates want to qualify for rewards or even win the Grand Prize! Remember: You need to complete at least 4 laps to qualify.

LAST LAPS! The Team Race is coming to an end. Hurry up if you want to get the Grand Prize!


Watch videos in Monsterwood for a chance to get Sweeperion Scrolls! You'll be served a bunch of videos every few hours. Good luck!

SWEEPERION SCROLLS! Go to Monsterwood and watch videos to get Sweeperion Scrolls!


If you want Ingenica, you'll need her three assistants! The third one is Sweeperion. You can summon him by getting Scrolls from The Keeper's Fables Island, the Growth Spurt Timed Challenge, the Griffex Monster Dungeon, Monsterwood, and Chests. For every 10 Scrolls, you'll be rewarded with one Sweeperion. How many do you think you'll get? Check the Updates section in the game's Settings and the Monster Legends Community Facebook page for more info.

INGENICA'S MYTH - PART 3 To get Ingenica, you'll need all of her 3 assistants! Find out here how to get the third (and last!) one.

Ingenica's Myth Episode 3

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