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Get Coins - Japanese Dojo Maze Island

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Japanese Dojo Maze Island

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How to get Maze Coins

Icon Action/Tooltip Pool Chance Spawn Amount
Collect Gold
You may get Maze Coin(s) when collecting gold.
30 50% 4h 1-5 Maze Coin
Collect Food
You may get Maze Coin(s) when collecting food.
50 100% 4h 1-25 Maze Coin
Breed Monsters
You may get Maze Coin(s) when breeding.
50 100% 4h 1-50 Maze Coin
Feed Your Monsters
You may get Maze Coin(s) when you feed your monsters.
30 80% 4h 1-5 Maze Coin
Hatch Eggs
You may get Maze Coin(s) when you hatch eggs.
50 100% 4h 1-50 Maze Coin
Fight PVP
You may get Maze Coin(s) when you win PVP battles.
15 100% 4h 1-50 Maze Coin
  • Chance: Percent chance of getting Maze Coin(s) when performing the related action.
  • Pool: Maximum number of available coins to be collected since the last time you played. Can fill up to but not past this point.
  • Spawn (Time): Time it takes for another coin to be added to the pool. Cannot add to a full pool.
  • Amount: Random amount of coins you can gain per action.

Maze Coin Packs

Get Maze Coins by collecting Food from your farms, feeding your monsters in your Habitats, or... Purchase one of our Maze Coin packs

# Icon Amount Price Coin/Price Ratio
1 130 Maze Coin $1.99 * 65.33 Maze Coin/$
2 340 Maze Coin $4.99 * 68.14 Maze Coin/$
3 700 Maze Coin $9.99 * 70.07 Maze Coin/$
4 1,500 Maze Coin $19.99 * 75.04 Maze Coin/$
5 4,000 Maze Coin $49.99 * 80.02 Maze Coin/$
6 9,000 Maze Coin $99.99 * 90.01 Maze Coin/$
7 2,300 Maze Coin $29.99 * 76.69 Maze Coin/$

(*) In-app Purchase.

Its play-style will be similar to Winter Maze Island, Superhero Maze Island, Easter Maze Island, Mythology Maze Island, Force of Elements Maze Island, Videogames Maze Island, Halloween Maze Island, Draconian Maze Island, Winter Maze Island.

[!] How Japanese Dojo Maze Island works

  • Developers call these events are "Maze Islands". Your task is to help the monsters escape the maze by making them move along their path. You'll be able to claim them once they reach the end of the maze! Each move costs Maze Coins.
  • In the maze there are serveral paths, each path has 1 unique monster that you need to help. Some monsters are caged, you have to collect keys from other paths in order to free the monsters, then help them move along their path.

[!] How each path works

  • Paths are opened separately, you can play many paths as you want.
  • On each path, there are nodes, each node costs Maze Coins to reach. The better the monster, the longer the path.
  • Some nodes have resource reward, some have keys (to unlock other paths), some have roulette spins, and some nodes have enemies that you have to fight against!

[!] How to gain Maze Coins

  • There are 5 activities give you Maze Coins: Collect gold, Breed monsters, Feed monsters, Hatch eggs, Fight PvP.
  • Each activity has the "counter" similar to the items in Progressive Islands (chance/pool/spawn).

Get Coins - Japanese Dojo Maze Island

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