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Imperial China Island

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Imperial China Island

Imperial China Island

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Imperial China Island & Button
Imperial China Island
Imperial China Event Button

This is where the event happens. You can access the event by clicking on the Imperial China Island.

Imperial China Island
Dragon Coin
Dragon Coin

You will enter the event with 25 Dragon Coin.

The main objective of this event is collecting Dragon Coin as much as possible. You have 4 free ways to collect them: Collecting gold Gold from habitats; harvesting food Food from farms; breeding monsters Breeding in Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree; defeat opponents Arena in PvP (Arena).

We will show you how much Dragon Coin you will earn of these activities in Activity Points & Coins Earning section below.

Coin Packs
Dragon Coin Packs
You can also buy Dragon Coin from the Event Shop, the ratio is 1.3 - 2 Dragon Coin per Gem.
Puzzle (Pagoda)

There are 4 Pagoda during the Imperial China Event, some missions will open next to each other, while some missions will open the same time. You have many options to choose and focus on the mission you want, to minimize coins usage.

Ao LoongMaster FongLaomuQin


Everytime you open a card, it requires Dragon Coin. The more cards opened, the more coins required to open the next card.

Depends on the puzzle, you will have certain chance to get the monster. The chance will increase everytime you open a card.

Coins Earning - Exchange Rate

Everytime you play game with activities (collect, breeding, PvP) you will earn points. These figures are not shown in your game. However, they are used to calculate your coins earning, which are shown below.

Level Gold Gold Food Food PvP Win PvP Win Breeding Pts Breeding Point
1 - 9 10.4KGold = 1Dragon Coin 600Food = 1Dragon Coin 1PvP Win = 5Dragon Coin 160Breeding Point = 1Dragon Coin
10 - 19 12.2KGold = 1Dragon Coin 720Food = 1Dragon Coin 1PvP Win = 2.5Dragon Coin 280Breeding Point = 1Dragon Coin
20 - 29 42KGold = 1Dragon Coin 2KFood = 1Dragon Coin 1PvP Win = 2.5Dragon Coin 400Breeding Point = 1Dragon Coin
30 - 39 96KGold = 1Dragon Coin 4.2KFood = 1Dragon Coin 1PvP Win = 2.5Dragon Coin 900Breeding Point = 1Dragon Coin
40 - 49 160KGold = 1Dragon Coin 7.6KFood = 1Dragon Coin 1PvP Win = 1.67Dragon Coin 900Breeding Point = 1Dragon Coin
50 - 59 320KGold = 1Dragon Coin 15.4KFood = 1Dragon Coin 1PvP Win = 1Dragon Coin 1.3KBreeding Point = 1Dragon Coin
60 - 80 1.2MGold = 1Dragon Coin 140KFood = 1Dragon Coin 1PvP Win = 1Dragon Coin 2.5KBreeding Point = 1Dragon Coin

Breeding Points Breeding Point = Minute * 5 + Type bonus

Type bonus:
C → 125
UC → 250
R → 500
E → 2,500
L → 12,500

NOTE: The extra points of each activity will be used to calculate coins at the next time, so don't be worried about this. Level-up during event does affect your event, especially you have entered a new tier (Ex: When you level up from 49 to 50, you will have to get higher score for coins).

FACT: Breeding Pandaken 3 times every hour (or 6 times every 2 hours, or 12 times/4 hours) gives more breeding points than breeding other monsters!

Dragon Coin Packs

# Icon Amount Price Coin/Gem Ratio
1 20 Dragon Coin 15 Gem 1.33
2 50 Dragon Coin 35 Gem 1.43
3 150 Dragon Coin 100 Gem 1.50
4 250 Dragon Coin 160 Gem 1.56
5 500 Dragon Coin 300 Gem 1.67
6 1,250 Dragon Coin 600 Gem 2.08

[!] How Imperial China Island works

  • This is a "flipping cards" island. If you can't have enough coins for all the puzzles, you can instead only spend coins at the monster you want.
  • Recently, these flipping cards events will re-open all the puzzles right before the event expires. You have the opportunity to collect all the remaining rewards on previous puzzles with spared coins.
  • Coins are collected by how much amount you earn in game activities (collect gold, food, win pvp, breeding), depends on what level you are.
  • Your card rewards are RANDOMLY generated in server-side. It won't be changed. When you claim the current card, the next reward will be generated also, RANDOMLY. The monster card will only be generated when the chance is above 0%.
  • Cards shuffling is just animation, it does not include the correct position of the rewards. It doesn't matter which card you choose, the result is the same as the current card is already defined as you claimed the previous card. So, trying to keep the track of the card during the shuffling won't get you the card you want.


Click on each mission to see rewards & chance!

1Ao LoongEAo Loong
2Master FongEMaster Fong

Click on each mission to see rewards & chance!

Missions Summary

Missions Rewards
Coins Consumption Time
Min* Max**
Mission 1
Ao Loong
10 Gem
94K Gold
26K Food
180 Dragon Coin
(13th card - 17%)
330 Dragon Coin
(18th card - 100%)
2d 23h
Mission 2
Master Fong
16 Gem
118K Gold
34K Food
295 Dragon Coin
(13th card - 17%)
520 Dragon Coin
(18th card - 100%)
2d 23h
Mission 3
23 Gem
200K Gold
51K Food
370 Dragon Coin
(13th card - 17%)
650 Dragon Coin
(18th card - 100%)
2d 23h
Mission 4
23 Gem
200K Gold
51K Food
545 Dragon Coin
(13th card - 17%)
940 Dragon Coin
(18th card - 100%)
2d 23h
Whole Event 72 Gem
612K Gold
162K Food
1,390 Dragon Coin 2,440 Dragon Coin 13d ***

(*) Minimum coins to find the monster, if you are very lucky.
(**) Maximum coins (last card) to find the monster, if you are unlucky.
(***) Whole event time is not the total of mission time, because at in any moment, there are 1-3 missions that are opening at the same time.

Imperial China Island

Updated .

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