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Heaven Island

[!] This event has expired at 10 Aug 2015 13:00 (UTC)
[!] Visit official thread !!! - Heaven Island - !!! for explanation!

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Mission 9 Requirements

Click on every row to show/hide extra information of each item.

Item # % Pool Spawn
83 22% 6 1h 20m
9 20% 1 8h
14 100% 3 1s
9 20% 1 8h

Requirement Keys

  • #: Number of items to collect.
  • %: Percent chance of collecting an item when performing the related action.
  • Pool: Number of available items to collect at start of each challenge. Can fill up to but not past this point.
  • Spawn (Time): Time it takes for another item to be added to the pool. Cannot add to a full pool.
  • Estimated Time: Time (minimum) to reach the required number of current item.

(No fight map)

Gems Cost Over Time 1938 No items 1643 0h 1251 12h 925 1d 668 1d 12h 446 2d 274 2d 12h 143 3d 56 3d 12h 9 4d 0 4d 12h Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

Gems cost over time of Oghma (assume items are collected perfectly)

Heaven Island