Introduction of Tournament

Tournament is a special event in Timed Challenges, it's similar to the Monster Arena, except you won't get resources on winning.

Tournament Overview

Difficulty & Choose Your Opponent

According to your level, you and other 5 players with similar power will be in a group.

There are 6 degrees of league: Bronze → Silver → Gold → Platinum → Diamond → Master.

League Icon Icon of bronze league Icon of silver league Icon of gold league Icon of platinum league Icon of diamond league Icon of master league
League Name Bronze League Silver League Gold League Platinum League Diamond League Master League
Level Range 10 - 19 20 - 29 30 - 39 40 - 44 45 - 49 50

There are 5 opponents you can fight, you can switch between players by scrolling the bottom bar. Always choose the opponent that has the highest tournament-point (Tournament Point) so you can gain scores faster.

Your Team & Opponent Team

In the Tournament, it is recommended to check your opponent monsters before you press "FIGHT". By doing this you can avoid hackers, powerful players, you can also estimate turns & predict the result of the battle.

Opponent monsters

You can also change your monsters.

Change monsters


You start the tournament with 3 max stamina. Every 30 minutes your stamina will replenish by 1. You can also buy it: 1 stamina = 5 gems.

Stamina recharge

Tournament Rewards

Checkpoint Rewards

Checkpoint rewards



Ranking Rewards

Ranking rewards

For the real-time ranking, please visit our Timed Challenges page.