There are total of epic monsters ( of them are known breedable), and recently there has been new monsters added to the family:

These monsters are badass! Not only thier stats are strong but also their "special attacks" are really good too! Ultimately, they are component for breeding legendary monsters

Due to their preciousness, Epic monsters mostly cannot be bred normally by using 2 elemental (Common) monsters. The requirement of breeding Epic monster is using both uncommon/rare monsters (any 2-element monster). One monster should have 1 element opposite with other monster's element.

Breeding opposite elements are:

  • Fire and Light => Schorchpeg & Skipples
  • Nature and Thunder => Rhynex & Rabidex
  • Water and Dark => Fliploch & Razfeesh
  • Earth and Magic => Terracrank & Duchess & Tartarus

Difficulty of Breeding

There are some epic monsters that don't have opposite elements, which makes the game are more variable. They are: . They can be bred directly from Common monsters. This open a window for new player to aim these monsters first for combat (quest & pvp).

"Easy to breed" epic monsters.

Other epic monsters are much more harder to breed, since they require using hybrid monsters, which will increase the elements of the breeding.


  • Normal/classic way: breeding 2 common/rare monsters, which can combine 1 pair opposite elements (each element from each parent monster). In this way (1 pair of opposite elements), your success chance is ~25% (2 Epic monsters - same elements). Example: Utochomp and Sheluke => 25% Epic monsters
  • For those Epic monsters within opposite elements: "Double chance" is the most effective way to make 4 Epic monsters by using 2 pair of opposite elements. The first monster has 2 elements, the other monster should have 2 elements that are all opposite with first monster's elements. In the double method, you will likely have a success chance 50% (total 4 Epic monsters). Example: Utochomp and Shock Turtle => 50% Epic monsters
  • For those Epic monsters without opposite elements: You just have to use basic uncommon monsters to get it, and the chance is 30% for the single Epic monster. Example: Genie and Treezard => 30% for Pandalf

I recommend the last 2 methods. You will save your time with these methods.

Good Combination

First, you need to determine which Epic monster you need the most, and another "back up" Epic monster.

I want a Skipples LightFire & Duchess MagicEarth, so later I can make Vadamagma with these Epic guys. I will share the following steps to help you decide what to do:

  1. Matching elements: You're having 2 options, and you need to make a good decision. In the first option, the time need is ranged from 29-52 hours, but you can have 30% chance to get Goldcore (only if you're interested in). In the other hand, the time need in second option is only 16-21 hours, but no special monster in the way.
    This step is to prepare a good combination for our main Objectives: getting either Skipples or Duchess.
  2. Get Epic monsters: breed the result monsters in step 1 together, you will have 50% chance for getting Epic: 17.5% Scorchpeg - 7.5% Skipples - 17.5% Terracrank - 7.5% Duchess
    • If you chose first option (in step 1), wait time for fail/wrong result (non-Epic) is 5 mins - 16 hours - 21 hours
    • If you chose second option (in step 1), wait time for fail/wrong result (non-Epic) is 13 hours - 16 hours - 21 hours
    Consider this: You only do step 1 once, while step 2 is needed many attempts. Therefore, in the long run, the first option is actually the best option. Because there is 25% chance you will only wait 5 mins if you fail, which make you're able to perform alot more attempts.
    Conclusion: Fire+Magic and Light+Earth is the best option.

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to find a good combination for the Epic monster(s). Good luck for getting those badass! xD. If you find something confusing, leave a comment below and everyone here will help you :)