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Elements in Breeding

Monster Legend Breeding Opposite Elements

Elements in Combat

Elements from Monster Legends are very different from Dragon City, there is no primary nor secondary element.

If the enemy monster has 2 elements, the system will use both elements as the following priority:

  1. If one of them resists to the Attacking Element => WEAK damage (weak - 50%),
  2. If one of them is sensitive to the Attacking Element => STRONG damage (critical - 150%),
  3. Else, Normal Defense against the Attacking Element => NORMAL damage (normal - 100%).

There is a new exception due to new Status Effect of Metal attack - Magnetized: When a monster is under Magnetized effect, its defense is WEAK (defense reduced to 50%) against Metal attacks. The attack with Metal element will deal STRONG damage (200%), regardless the elements of the Magnetized monster.

Magnetized Effect Explain

Example: NatureFirePandaken will recieve:

  • 50% damage (weak) from Nature or Fire attack,
  • 150% damage (critical) from Water attack,
  • 100% damage (normal) from other elements.

Elements - Short Table

Elements in Combat Monster Legends