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Contaminated Island

[!] This event has expired at 10 Jun 2015 10:00 (UTC)
[!] Visit official thread Contaminated Island for explanation!

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Mission 6 Requirements

Click on every row to show/hide extra information of each item.

Item # % Pool Spawn
36 15% 9 2h
24 10% 6 2h 40m
6 100% 2 1s
4 20% 1 8h

Requirement Keys

  • #: Number of items to collect.
  • %: Percent chance of collecting an item when performing the related action.
  • Pool: Number of available items to collect at start of each challenge. Can fill up to but not past this point.
  • Spawn (Time): Time it takes for another item to be added to the pool. Cannot add to a full pool.
  • Estimated Time: Time (minimum) to reach the required number of current item.

(No fight map)

Contaminated Island