Instruction for Adventure Map

1/ The image map is simulated as the game map, it can be DRAG around, ZOOM in/out . You can also view or download the entire ADVENTURE MAP
2/ You can choose the level of the map you want to view information
3/ Click on it and the page will automatically load information of that map. The information includes:

  • Rewards of the map
  • Monsters of each wave
  • Individual monster stats, level, weakness, specific attacks. Note: The stats are estimated value, it is not exactly the game value but I try to make it as close as possible. So far the value is about 95-99% close.

Since the reduction of HP in the last update makes adventure harder than ever, I hope it will help you prepare your team, attacks set, items and win the map!


Depends on your score, you will be ranked 1/2/3 stars at the end of the match.

  • 1 star will give you small amount of gold & food & 10% xp of current level.
  • 2 stars will give you 1 chance to spin the roulette.
  • 3 stars will give you another chance to spin the roulette. But make sure you got 3 stars after 2 stars, then you can have both spin from them. If you got 3 stars at the first time, you won't have any rewards from 2 stars.

Try to win the match 2 stars at the first time, then get 3 stars at the second time. By doing that, you will have 2 times to spin the roulette each map node. Here are some ways to reduce your score (so it won't be too high to get 3 stars):

  • Use less monster in the battle (1 or 2 monsters, instead of full team)
  • Increase your turns used during the battle (the more turns you have used, the less score you will get). You can increase turns by having your monster charge its energy.
  • Try not to one-hit kill an enemy, so you won't get bonus score from it.

There is no specific way to know how much score to get 2 stars each node, you will have to give it a few tries, increase/decrease your score to get in the 2-star zone. If you do all the tips, you may get your score too low to get 2-star rank. On the other hand, you may have higher score and get 3-star rank at first time.

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