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Game News 25th-July-2016: Upcoming Athlete Island!

DISCLAIMER: The following contents are not yet available in game, but it will be released in August!


Athlete Island Loading screen of Athlete & Gladiator Islands Athlete Island Athlete Island is coming soon!
Gladiator Island Athlete Island

Visit Athlete Island page at monster-wiki.com/athlete-island/

Hatchery 1 Hatchery 2 Hatchery 3 Hatchery 4 Breeding Mountain


Ape-X Spotlight "Ape-X" Monster Spotlight!

Game News 20th-July-2016: Upcoming events!

DISCLAIMER: The following contents are not yet available in game, but it will be released in August!


The Sunset Breeding Days will include two breeding events! Find out more here.

The Sunset Breeding Days are coming! First you'll be able to breed six Legendary monsters, including 2 VIPs! After that, you'll have the chance to get a new monster for the game that will only be available through breeding. Good luck!


Six Legendary monsters available for breeding... and two of them are VIPs!

Hydrok The Forgotten, Valgar The Pure, Sphyrnus, Mmonster, R.O.F.L. and The Prisoner! They are all available for breeding during this fantastic event! Got to the Monster Legends Community Facebook page to check out the breeding recipes.


A new monster has arrived to the game. You will be able to obtain it exclusively through breeding!

New monster available for free! You can get Pa'Lhax when you breed Goldfield and Vortux. This recipe is available for a limited time only, and remember: If you use Violet instead of Goldfield or Vortux, you'll double the chances of getting Pa'Lhax!


Flip cards to get monsters and lots of rewards!

Time to play! Are you feeling lucky? Flip cards and try to find the monster hiding in each board. While you look for it you'll get lots of rewards!


A new quest full of monsters to obtain!

These days, athletes from all over the world come together for a healthy competition and the monsters in this legendary game didn't want to miss the party, so come and play on this Greek Athlete Island!


We've been to Ancient Greece, now let's travel to Ancient Rome!

The Gladiator Island is not suitable for the weak! The monsters here have survived thousands of battles and fought for the entertainment of several monster emperors. Will you be able to take them with you?


Who doesn't need runes to boost their monsters? This is your lucky time!

This is the best time to get new runes: During this event, crafting takes 50% less time, unequipping costs 50% less Gems and all runes in the Shop have great discounts! Your team can become invincible.


The Lab Shop is bursting with supplies! Don't miss Monster Cell Week!

During the monster Cells Week, lots of Cells will be available at the Lab Shop, but they will rotate really fast so keep a close eye on the game! Also, for each Cell you buy, you'll get a bonus one! Strengthen your monsters: the time is now.

MONSTERS WEEK: Express Offers!

Try not to blink too much, you might miss an offer!

From this very moment, keep a close eye on the Shop: You will find lots of express offers: The discounted monsters will change every few hours!


Lots of monsters of the Nature element have huge discounts these days!

Welcome to the Nature Days! This is a perfect chance for you to strengthen your Nature collection: You will be able to obtain monsters of this element with massive discounts. Go for them!


Nature monsters take the spotlight in the Nature Days!

  • (1) The Judgement
  • (2) Gullin
  • (3) Kal Drekk
  • (4) Sarah
  • (5) Lagerchaun
  • (6) Sambacadabra
  • (7) Roastie
  • (8) Laomu
  • (9) Sham-Rokku
  • (10) Cyan Nathura
  • (11) Nemestrinus
  • (12) Sasquach
  • (13) Rosanha
  • (14) Tao Tao
  • (15) Donaturtle
  • (16) Rootziel
  • (17) Pandaval
  • (18) Pegasus
  • (19) Pandaxplorer
  • (20) Lepu
  • (21) Erpham


All the Draconian Monsters come together in the Draconian Days!

Take back what was stolen from you and destroy those who wronged you! The Draconian Monsters are perfect to strengthen your team. Get them all!


What's better than a monster? A Draconian Monster.

  • (1) Eggeater
  • (2) Dracontium


What's better than a monster? A Draconian Monster.

  • (1) Megaosteum
  • (2) Greedy Dragon


Your favorite Panda family is having a party! Complete your Panda collection!

Get all the Pandalfs in great Combo Packs! There's a superhero, an explorer, a sorcerer,...Don't miss this opportunity to complete your Panda Collection!


Complete your collection of Pandalfs in the Pandays!

  • (1) Pandaval
  • (2) Pandaxplorer
  • (3) Pandafest


Complete your collection of Pandalfs in the Pandays!

  • (1) White Pandalf
  • (2) Super Pandalf

Upcoming Monsters

Under Development Monsters

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Gold Farming Guide

Cover of Gold Farming Guide in Monster Legends Wiki.

Gold Gold is the most important currency in the game, keeping your gold income in high rate will make you become a successful player. Gold can be earned by several ways:

  • Collecting from habitats; Your main source of gold!
  • Selling items, monsters, eggs;
  • Clearing meteorites & rubbles, you can also get Food food or Gem gems from them;
  • Winning it in the daily reward;
  • Dragon Market, where you can collect Food food / Gold gold. The higher amount of friends helping you, the higher resource you'll get.

An image of daily bonus in Monster Legends.Collect daily bonus to win big prize!
An image of many habitats are full with gold in Monster Legends.Often collect gold from your habitats!

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