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What's new in Monster Legends?

What's new

Game Update 17/09/2014: New mobile version & Runes Building & Runes system

Monster Legends mobile app updated on iOS & Android

Links: iOS - AppStore, Android - GooglePlay

[!] In order to have complete features of new runes building, runes crafting, runes user interface.. you must have your app updated the lastest version.
The Runes Building with new look is floating aside your islands. The Runes Building can be upgraded to level 6, the level allow you to use/equip higher runes that have same level of the building. The Runes Building upgrade to level 4 costs 12M Gold. New functions & interface, there is an additional 3rd slot that can be opened with 250 Gem. Many new runes in the store, however you can buy runes with levels 3 and below only. Level 4-6 runes can be obtained through crafting from the lower runes. Crafting 4 of same level runes gives you 100% chance to get the higher level rune. The chance is smaller if you use a lower level runes among the others. Crafting successful! Equip the powerful runes to your monsters.

Detail information of runes are posted in this guide: Runes Guide

Game Update 29/08/2014: Thorder rebalance

Thorder speed has been decreased & "Storm Rider" attack has been adjusted for game balance purpose.

Change Attributes Before Now
Speed 240 228
Storm Rider
Skill behavior Deals damage 2 times (glitch). Deals damage 1 times.
Stamina 20 35
Cooldown 0 2
Slow Speed −50% Speed −30%

Game Update 21/08/2014: New mobile version & Some changes

Monster Legends mobile app updated on iOS & Android

Links: iOS - AppStore, Android - GooglePlay

Monster Legends iOS Monster Legends iOS update 18/08/2014. Monster Legends Android Monster Legends Android update 20/08/2014.
[!] There is a problem with missing "Dungeon Icon" in the adventure map. Therefore you can't play Challenge Battles, not sure if this is intention of the developers. However, you can still play Dungeons by entering the "flowing" Dugeon building aside your islands.
The Loyalty Rewards is still available, its icon will appear whenever you can claim a new piece (the 20-hour cooltime is finsihed).

New tournaments in "Timed Challenges"

New timed challenge: Thunder Masters New timed challenge: Thunder Masters. Thunder Masters ranking Thunder Masters ranking.

As speculation, this is not an original Arena PvP, it is a Tournament PvP. In which players with the similar power will be gathered in a group to fight. The more players you beat, the higher your rank & rewards.

Notice: You can see there are rules about elements. If you use the right monsters they will have benefit of damage. But since almost your opponents would choose these elements, you can counter them by using superior elements that cause critical damage.

The first event will start tomorrow morning: 22/08/2014 04:00 UTC.

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Gold Farming Guide

Cover of Gold Farming Guide in Monster Legends Wiki.

Gold Gold is the most important currency in the game, keeping your gold income in high rate will make you become a successful player. Gold can be earned by several ways:

  • Collecting from habitats; Your main source of gold!
  • Selling items, monsters, eggs;
  • Clearing meteorites & rubbles, you can also get Food food or Gem gems from them;
  • Winning it in the daily reward;
  • Dragon Market, where you can collect Food food / Gold gold. The higher amount of friends helping you, the higher resource you'll get.

An image of daily bonus in Monster Legends.Collect daily bonus to win big prize!
An image of many habitats are full with gold in Monster Legends.Often collect gold from your habitats!

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