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Mission 7 - 80s Island

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80s Island

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[!] How 80s Island works

  • Developers call these events are "Progressive Islands". It means you must complete the mission in order. You cannot skip mission.
  • Requirement items for each mission is collected by chance (more times collect give more chance), not by how much amount you collect. So this is entirely different to "Flipping Card" events. Ex: 10 times collecting 100~1,000 gold is better than just collect 1M gold in 1 time. So keep collecting, spam it until your pool is empty.

[!] How each mission works

  • #: Number of item needs to be collected.
  • %: Percent chance of collecting an item when performing the related action.
  • Pool: Number of available items to collect at start of each challenge. Can fill up to but not past this point.
  • Spawn (Time): Time it takes for another item to be added to the pool. Cannot add to a full pool.
  • Estimated Time: Time (minimum) to reach the required number of current item.
  • Pool time (hidden): Time of the last item was added to the pool. This will be used to calculate if the next item can be spawn. Different item type has independent pool time.


  • #: This quest requires you collect 81 "meteorites".
  • %: Every time you collect gold, you have 25% chance to collect the item. If your pool is already empty, it will be 0%.
  • Pool: When you first start this mission, you will have full pool (theory) - 7 meteorites pending. Collect all of them as fast as you can.
  • Spawn: If your pool is < 7, it will be added 1 meteorite every 1h 8m 34s. This only be triggered by your corresponding activity. So timing collect will give you the items. This can be stacked. If you collect again after 2h, you will only get 1 meteorite, and lose 51m 26s for nothing. But if you wait until 2h 20m, you will get 2 meteorites with serveral seconds loss.
  • Estimated Time: This is theory number, calculated by monster-wiki: 3d 12h 33m 56s. You can reach this time if you time your collect time accurately.

We know that Socialpoint has made these events impossible, but that doesn't mean we can't reach to the end. Once you know the mechanism, measure your collect time perfectly, you can reach the 80% of the way without spending any gems. Or if you spend few hundreds gems, depends on the event, you can even complete the whole event in-time!

Mission 7 1693 No items 1439 0h 1195 10h 968 20h 794 1d 6h 611 1d 16h 477 2d 2h 350 2d 12h 252 2d 22h 154 3d 8h 93 3d 18h 44 4d 4h 17 4d 14h 3 5d 2,418 (1) 1,693 (2) 30% discount Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

Click on every row to show/hide extra information of each item.

Item # % Pool Spawn
99 30% 6 1h 20m
54 40% 4 2h
3 100% 3 2h
14 75% 1 8h
14 75% 1 8h
18 100% 5 1s


Careful up there... Hackster won't give up the spotlight easily!

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Mission 7 - 80s Island

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