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What's new in Monster Legends?

What's new

Game News 24th-May-2016: Upcoming events!

DISCLAIMER: The following contents are not yet available in game, but it will be released in June!

New Monsters

New Feature: Monster Lab

Monster Lab

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/monster-lab/

72-Hour Challenge

Flip cards to get monsters and lots of rewards!

Time to play! Are you feeling lucky? Flip cards and try to find the monster hiding in each board. While you look for it you'll get lots of rewards!

To be updated...

Progressive Islands

Ancient Island

Discover this new quest to obtain new and exclusive monsters. Available for a limited time only!

Monsters from ancient times have risen from the ground and are here! Get them before the island disappears.

Futuristic Island

Exclusive new monsters are waiting for you in the Futuristic Island. Come and get them!

Peek into the future, jump into the adventure of tomorrow. You'll be able to get exclusive monsters only available in the Futuristic Island!

EuroCup Event

We are all for the EuroCup! Win a special habitat, a monster and a statue at the Dungeons, breed exclusive soccer monsters and enjoy amazing offers!

During this event, you can breed 9 soccer monsters so special that they're not even in the Monstagram! You can find the breeding combinations in the Monster Legends Community Facebook page. And remember! if you use Galante instead of any of the other monsters, the chances of getting the desired result will increase!

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/eurocup-event/

Advent Summer Breeding

6 unbreadable monster become breadable for this event!

Find the recipies for these 6 monsters in the Monster Legends Community Facebook page, and remember: Using Violet will boost your probabilities of obtaining The Prisoner, Hyperion and Anton Acorne. Using Galante will boost your probabilities of obtaining R.O.F.L., Pegasus and Sphyrnus.

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/advent-summer-breeding/

Crazy Week

Yes, the Monster Legends factory has lost its mind. Very soon, a crazy, crazy week will start.

Take all you can: Gold, Food, Gems and lots of monsters will have massive discounts this week! Stay tuned if you don't want to miss any of these offers.

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/crazy-week/

Fraternity Team Event

During this event, when someone from a team buys Gem Packs, teammates get War Coins!

Everyone wins! If a team member purchases a Gem Pack, the rest of their team gets at least 20% of the gems’ value in War Coins - up to 400! During the event, there will be more exclusive monsters and runes at the Team Shop!

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/team-events/

Rune Experience

Who doesn't need runes to boost their monsters? This is your lucky time!

This is the best time to get new runes: During this event, crafting takes 50% less time, unequipping costs 50% less Gems and all runes in the Shop have great discounts! Your team can become invincible.

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/team-events/

Buffed Monsters

During this event, the stats of Rockiesta and Nebotus will have a boost!

Rockiesta and Nebotus are our buffed monsters! Their Strength, Life, Speed and Stamina will be up to 20% higher during this event, so it's the perfect time to use these two monsters in any of your battles!

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/team-events/

Game News 13th-May-2016: Sun Quest!

Sun Quest

Sun Quest

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/sun-quest/

Upcoming monsters

DISCLAIMER: The following contents are not yet available in game, but it will be released in June!

Upcoming monsters

Game News 8th-May-2016: Upcoming events in May!

Team Event

Buffed Monsters

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/team-events/

Mythology Maze Island

DISCLAIMER: The following contents are not yet available in game, but it will be released in mid May!

The myths of different cultures come together in this maze. There are six new mythological monster waiting for you to guide them out and claim them!

Mythology maze Mythology monsters

For more information, visit monster-wiki.com/mythology-maze-island/

Upcoming dungeons

New "Maze Coins" dungeon! New "Gold" dungeon! New "Gems" dungeon!

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Gold Farming Guide

Cover of Gold Farming Guide in Monster Legends Wiki.

Gold Gold is the most important currency in the game, keeping your gold income in high rate will make you become a successful player. Gold can be earned by several ways:

  • Collecting from habitats; Your main source of gold!
  • Selling items, monsters, eggs;
  • Clearing meteorites & rubbles, you can also get Food food or Gem gems from them;
  • Winning it in the daily reward;
  • Dragon Market, where you can collect Food food / Gold gold. The higher amount of friends helping you, the higher resource you'll get.

An image of daily bonus in Monster Legends.Collect daily bonus to win big prize!
An image of many habitats are full with gold in Monster Legends.Often collect gold from your habitats!

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