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What's new in Monster Legends?

What's new

Game News 16/03/2015: New monsters (Kal'Drekk, Trevor) & Haste effect change!

New monsters available in Monstagram & Shop: Kal'Drekk, Trevor

Kal'Drekk in Monstagram Kal'Drekk is like the troll version of Attila the Hun. He's the ruthless commander of an army of trolls whose only goal is to destroy everything in their path. Kal'Drekk is also a distant relative of Arnu, can you see the resemblance? Kal'Drekk Special Attack Kal'Drekk Special Attack. Trevor in Monstagram The Celtic druids used to go to a mountain to pick clovers for their potions. One day, an old druid accidentally dropped a bottle of potion and spilled the liquid all over the mountain, which came alive. That was the birth of Trevor. Trevor Special Attack Trevor Special Attack.

Change of effect "Haste" accuracy & speed increment

Effect Changes
Haste I
  • Accuracy: 100 → 40
  • Speed: 150% → 120%
Haste II
  • Accuracy: 50 → 20
  • Speed: 150% → 120%

With the change of Speed buff, we should consider other strategies rather than using Thorders.

[!] Discuss more about this update at Missing Particle's Haste so easy.

Remember, the more similar suggestions you give, the more chance the developers will notice and do things right :)

The following monsters have attacks with "Haste" effect.

# Monsters Attack(s) with "Haste" effect
1 Pandaval Mass Haste (Haste I)
2 Dan Felino Thunder-Haste-Trey (Haste I)
3 Son-Cookie Over 9000! (Haste I)
4 Aurinia Beneficence (Haste I), Indemnity (Haste I)
5 Dommeath Alacrity Way (Haste I)
6 Garuda M3 Impaler SR 2 (Haste I)
7 Rockadona Close to the Line (Haste I)
8 Panda Claus Good Gift (Haste I), Good Gifts for all (Haste I)
9 Thorder Particle's Haste (Haste II)
10 Giragast Mass Haste (Haste I)
11 Sparkwedge Mass Haste (Haste I)
12 Bloomskips Mass Haste (Haste I)
13 Octocrush Mass Haste (Haste I)
14 Haze Mass Haste (Haste I)
15 Succuba Mass Haste (Haste I)
16 Fayemelina Mass Haste (Haste I)
17 Raydex Mass Haste (Haste I)
18 Koopigg Mass Haste (Haste I)
19 Gigram Mass Haste (Haste I)
20 Pandalf Mass Haste (Haste I)
21 Dolphchamp Mass Haste (Haste I)
22 Shock Turtle Mass Haste (Haste I)
23 Thundenix Mass Haste (Haste I)

Game News 14/03/2015: Easter Island will come soon!

Test Island Test Easter Island - Mission 1 Test Island Test Easter Island - Mission 2
Easter Island

We have noticed that some players (very lucky) can access the testing island, also called "Easter Island".

However, this is just the testing, and only few players can play this island. This is not the first time developers do this.

Don't be worried about being left out from the event.

We also recommend to those lucky players who have this event not to spend gems on it.

Stay tuned! We will update more about official Easter Island. In the meantime, tell us your ideas about this event!

Visit our Easter Island page here: /easter-island/.

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Gold Farming Guide

Cover of Gold Farming Guide in Monster Legends Wiki.

Gold Gold is the most important currency in the game, keeping your gold income in high rate will make you become a successful player. Gold can be earned by several ways:

  • Collecting from habitats; Your main source of gold!
  • Selling items, monsters, eggs;
  • Clearing meteorites & rubbles, you can also get Food food or Gem gems from them;
  • Winning it in the daily reward;
  • Dragon Market, where you can collect Food food / Gold gold. The higher amount of friends helping you, the higher resource you'll get.

An image of daily bonus in Monster Legends.Collect daily bonus to win big prize!
An image of many habitats are full with gold in Monster Legends.Often collect gold from your habitats!

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