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Upcoming monsters in Monster Legends

What's new in Monster Legends?

What's new

Game News 6th-July-2017: Monstershore Island!


The Monstershore Island brings you four fresh monsters that will keep your island cool in this hot summer!

The Monstershore Island brings you four fresh monsters that will keep your island cool in this hot summer! Be careful: Not all of them make great swimming partners.

Monstershore Island

Visit "Monstershore Island" page at monster-wiki.com/monstershore-island/

UPDATE version 5.2 - May

Greetings Monster Master!
A new version of Monster Legends is ready!

- A new type of monster is on the way: the Nemesis! Nemesis monsters are very special: They’re incredibly strong, they have a customizable weapon that grants them any extra element you choose, and they get an extra skill set when ranked up! The first Nemesis will arrive soon.

- Now you can share your great deeds on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, e-mail, etc. by using your device’s sharing system. Do this at the end of a battle, and you can get an extra roulette spin or revive your monsters if they were defeated!

- This version also includes technical improvements and lots of love from the Monster Legends Factory!

NEWS - Team Wars with book restrictions

As you may have noticed we released a new type of restrictions for Team Wars.  

Unfortunately, due to a technical issue some Monsters that were not yet included in the Books, were auto-selected as Defence Team in the Mechanical - Female - Epic Team Wars.

Thanks to all of you who notified us of this issue, a fix was applied for any future Team Wars with Books' Restrictions.

To avoid any further confusion, we will soon release additional chapters for Mechanical and Female books.

Captain Copperbeard in Space Raiders Maze!

In one of his many treasure hunts, Captain Edwin “Fearless” Bane fell into a booby trap. The fall destroyed the Captain’s entire body but, luckily enough, someone appeared magically right where he had had the accident. It was Lumoona.

Lumoona was communicating with Mystery through astral planes when she had the vision of Captain Edwin Bane falling into the booby trap. In that moment, she knew it was in her fate to assist him.

Lumoona cast a spell that rescued the Captain’s soul from his body and afterwards, she was able to place the soul inside a patchwork metal shell. This way, he was able to keep his charisma, but he became physically impenetrable! From that day on, he resumed his adventures and gave himself a new name: Captain Copperbeard.

In battle, Captain Copperbeard likes to encourage his crew, cleaning their bad effects, removing their cooldowns and increasing their damage. Starky, his loyal parrot, has learnt some tricks too: he can make enemies burn. But the Captain is especially dangerous when he fires his spaceship's artillery, stunning his enemies.


Lottery - Space Raiders Maze (Terms&Conditions)

Lottery Ticket
During the Space Raiders Maze you will be able to collect Lotto Tickets decoration in the nodes.
Each ticket will grant you a chance to win the final prize, more tickets you own more chance you will have!

At the end of the event, 10 tickets will be selected completely random as winners.
Each winner can request a free monster (except VIP, Team Wars' monsters and The Keeper that are excluded).

The winners will be announced on Thursday afternoon 01/06 on a LiveStream on our Facebook page!

Winners will receive a form to fill with their informations and the Monster they want.

Remember to keep your Lotto Tickets decoration until the 01/06 in order to participate in the  Lotto Event! You can sell them later after the 01/06 or keep them in your storage"

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Gold Farming Guide

Cover of Gold Farming Guide in Monster Legends Wiki.

Gold Gold is the most important currency in the game, keeping your gold income in high rate will make you become a successful player. Gold can be earned by several ways:

  • Collecting from habitats; Your main source of gold!
  • Selling items, monsters, eggs;
  • Clearing meteorites & rubbles, you can also get Food food or Gem gems from them;
  • Winning it in the daily reward;
  • Dragon Market, where you can collect Food food / Gold gold. The higher amount of friends helping you, the higher resource you'll get.

An image of daily bonus in Monster Legends.Collect daily bonus to win big prize!
An image of many habitats are full with gold in Monster Legends.Often collect gold from your habitats!

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